Once in a Blue Moon 5K

  1. Moondance – Start time 6PM

One of the great things I love about Joyce’s runs through Calico Racing, is that she is always coming up with great challenges in addition to her regular races. She organizes 3 different 5K’s as part of her “Once in a Blue Moon” series – and what’s great is that you have the option to “Shoot the Moon” and complete all 3 races. There was no extra bling <sad panda>, but it was still very much so worth the effort. I had a great time during each race.

Each race is titled separately, with race one for the night being Moondance. The race started out without much fuss. A small group of us gathered at Sunset Park and listened to the instructions. Each race had it’s own bib color and those who were completing all 3 had a separate color as well, so you (and the volunteers at the finish line) could identify which races each person was completing.


A little more than halfway through the course, I ended up taking my walk break and striking up a conversation with another runner who uses the walk/run method. We ended up completing the rest of the race together and made plans to exchange Instagram information. We ended up keeping a couple of other ladies in sight through the run and stopped to chat with them afterwards as well. During the conversation we forgot to exchange info, but luckily we found each other through the IG tags! I also connected with the other ladies via Facebook and shared the love of the Orange Mud vest pack I was breaking in during my run. I am pretty sure I helped bring in a couple of sales for them that night!


Race stats: Finish time: 40:59 Avg Pace: 13:18


2) Bad Moon Rising – Start time 7:45 PM

The second of the Shoot the Moon challenge!

After resting for a short time (remember, I am SLOW), I found my Instagram friend, Maiki, who I had met at the Dad’s Rock, too! race and chatted a bit until the start. I anticipated being much slower the second time around, but found that I was actually only a tad slower – which was a welcome surprise. I felt good during this run, too, without any issues or concerns. My hydration pack seemed to do really well, although I don’t think it fits exactly how it is meant to – not yet, anyway. I was really glad to not be feeling any chafing, as I was wearing it during all of my 5K’s to test it out for my upcoming half marathon. Everything seemed to be going great!


Race stats: Finish time: 42:03 Avg Pace: 13:34


3) Dark Side of the Moon – Start time 9:15 PM

I was a little tired for this race, but I did not want to DNS (did not start) or DNF (did not finish) for the races. I told myself, even if I had to walk it, I would finish it. So, we gathered at the start, I didn’t see many familiar faces from the previous two runs, but no worries.

I discovered I was not too tired, but I just a slight bit slower during the last race. I just decided to do my best and enjoy the night run through the peaceful darkness of the park. I ended up chatting with a couple of people, advertising my Orange Mud hydration pack again, and just finishing as best I could.

I finished the night feeling great. Tired, but accomplished. It was a great series to participate in, and I can’t wait to keep seeing what I can do.

Race stats: Finish time: 44:15 Avg Pace: 14:16

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