Adventures in PREGNANCY!

Found out… I’m Pregnant!

Let’s rewind a little first, though…

When we first got married (2007), Hubs and I could not wait to have kids. We were young, in love, excited for our future. We didn’t use any means of prevention – though we also weren’t considered to be “actively” trying to conceive. We just figured when the time was right, we’d have kids.

Right after the wedding, I chose to take a break from my employment field of social work and I stayed home for a short time. I then started working for Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and eventually landed my current position with the State. Probation is a year long here, so we thought it would be best if I didn’t get pregnant during that time and I started taking the pill.

I am not knocking birth control AT ALL, as I do believe it is a very responsible thing to do – however, I encourage all you ladies to find the RIGHT fit for you. I didn’t realize my prescription was not right for me. I had chronic stomach issues for years, because I never put two and two together and was never advised my issues could be due to the pill I was on. FINALLY, I got educated and changed prescriptions. That just had other side effects… *sigh*. After I was with my employer for a little over a year, we went through the Hubs being unemployed for 13 months. It was 13 of the longest months we have ever endured. We managed, because Hubs is amazing, but it was extremely stressful. Needless to say, it was still not the time to start our little family. So, side effects and all, I remained on birth control. After Hubs was with his employer for just over a year, I decided I had had enough of the physical ailments related to my prescription and I took myself off.

I had gained a lot of weight in the years after our wedding. I got comfortable, lazy, complacent. Whatever happened, happened. Along with the weight gain came resurfacing self-esteem issues, self-depreciation. Seriously, what is wrong with our society that women feel the need to hate themselves, rather than love themselves? I can remember always having self-esteem and self-worth issues.

Anyway, as you’ve seen through many of my posts – in the last 1 – 2 years, things changed. My attitude, my activity level, my relationship with food. I changed. I lost nearly 70 pounds through running and adjusting portions. It probably helped that I underwent a tonsillectomy in December 2014 and couldn’t eat for weeks – and then my taste buds were changed for months. 2015 started out great and just got better as it moved along. I was happy. For the first time in a long time, I was truly deeply happy. I didn’t realize just how unhappy with myself (I should make it clear it was just with myself, not Hubs or anything else of the sort!) I was until I became happy again. It’s a weird thing to process, really. Happiness. Contentment. Joy. Elation. I now feel all those things on a regular basis. I smile genuinely.

Anyway, back to the point. After losing some weight and not having any luck getting pregnant, I decided to take action. I found a provider, Dr. Oliver, based on a recommendation from a co-worker, and set up an appointment. I remember writing in my paper journal (so old-fashioned!) that I was a bit put-off by his attitude about our family planning. He didn’t seem to share the same concerns and basically told me to keep trying for another year before we’d start anything else. I was already over 30 at that point and I didn’t want to waste any more time. I switched providers to Dr. Tyre, after another recommendation from a different coworker. My first appointment with her was MUCH different. We spoke about my concerns and it felt like she really listened. She was very blunt, telling me my weight was a big issue for conception, but she also ordered blood labs and other tests. And this started us down the path with the fertility specialist.

In February 2015 we met with Dr. Danishmand of The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. He talked us through the process, mentioned things like PCOS, and we moved forward with evaluations. Once we got all of the tests done we followed up for consultation and eventually ended up at the financial portion. It was a big decision to make. Through a lot of talking, and debating, Hubs and I decided it would be best if I continued my weight loss before investing in IVF. I couldn’t add extra risk of miscarriage due to my lack of effort when it was going to cost so much to even try. So, there we were, April 2015 with no end date in sight. We set a loose time frame of my next birthday (August) to re-evaluate our goals and plans. I was okay with this.

I ran. A LOT. I ran 50 pounds off. I felt great, I looked great (especially compared to before), and when my birthday rolled around, I wanted more time to continue with my progress and we decided end of year goals would be good.

With winter came the holidays, relaxed eating, more baking and cooking. Cookies, work potlucks, dinners with friends. I ran less, ate more and of course, gained a little weight back. Not much, but I could feel the change. I decided to get back into gear and start running more. I signed up for 3 races in February. A 5K and two half marathons, all a week apart. I felt great, though a little tired. Hubs and I talked things over and we decided I would get my eggs harvested and frozen to start the process so we wouldn’t lose too many of the healthy ones left. I scheduled an OB appointment to get a renewed referral to Dr. Daneshmand.

I kept waiting for my period and kept anticipating starting the day before or day of the race… which would have sucked. We traveled to Arizona to run the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon (Full Marathon for Hubs, cause he rocks) and I made sure to stop for a box of tampons… just in case. I carried one in my hydration pack that weekend and the next.

Every other time my period has been late, I have taken a pregnancy test and started my period either that day or the following day. It’s been a running joke that if I needed/wanted to jump start my period, all I’d have to do is “piss on a stick”. So, I mentioned to Hubs in discussion about my period and being tired of waiting for it and he said I should wait until after the next half and then just take a test to get it to start.

We ran the Saints and Sinners Half Marathon on 2/20 and then that Monday after work I stopped off at the dollar store to buy a couple tests. The next morning (2/23) I took the test, set it aside, and continued to get ready for work. Hubs was down in his car ready to leave when I glanced at the test to pick it up and toss it. Thinking I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without IVF, I wasn’t even going to check it results. In a quick flash I realized I saw two lines instead of one! I did a double take, checked the instructions to make sure I was reading the results right and then quickly called Hubs and told him not to leave yet.

I raced downstairs and showed him… we’re pregnant!

The shock and disbelief lasted for some time… I took three more tests.

That weekend we told my parents. I showed my mom the test and we recorded her response. Later, after the first appointment and doctor confirmation, we announced on social media using my mom’s video.

I have not had any obvious early signs of pregnancy, aside from the missed period. I didn’t have morning sickness *knock on wood*, I ran all three of my February races during my first six weeks of pregnancy and I didn’t even have a clue! I plan to continue with my running goals throughout the pregnancy and hope that I can run well into my 3rd trimester. Although, at this point, I use the term “run” very loosely.

I am extremely excited to be able to share this part of my journey with you all, and I’ll be sure to try to keep up-to-date with my postings!

Little Baby is due mid-October based on my initial calculations.

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