Adventures in moving!!

Well, a decision has been made – we’re moving!

At the beginning of the year, Hubs’ employer approached him about whether or not he (we) would be interested in relocating to help with a few of the stores. The stores are located in Post Falls, ID – which is just outside my hometown where I spent a majority of my life – and where I LOVE being. When I moved to Las Vegas, my goal was always to come home (Pacific NW), and it looks like this is a great opportunity to do so! I have been away for far too long (10 years), and I cannot wait to get back!

We will have a lot of things to do and coordinate, but – that comes with the territory. With my dad’s health issues, it will be a challenge and is really very bittersweet to be making this decision right now. I have a heavy heart filled with remorse and guilt at the thought of leaving my mom and dad while his health needs are so demanding right now. He has been in and out of the hospital multiple times this year. He turned 74 in January, and hopes to live much longer – but honestly, I would be slightly prepared for losing him sooner rather than later. I love my dad, it hurts to see him this way – and to see my mom exhaust herself to care for him – but I don’t see him having a long life ahead of him, unfortunately.

Well, anyway, back to this move. We’ll be moving Hubs up before me. I’ll be packing the house, getting it ready for renovations, and then taking care of renovations and getting the Vegas house listed before leaving. As of now, Hubs will be starting his new position mid-June, and I will follow as soon as possible. I’m keeping everything under wraps at work at the moment as I’m not sure how long I will stay and how long I will be able to continue working prior to the move. As of now, it’s exhausting to work all day, come home and pack some while also taking care of meals through the week while incubating our little kidlet. This whole pregnancy thing is more exhausting than I’d like – but aside from that, I have no major pregnancy symptoms. Thank someone for that!



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