Vegas to Spokane

Well, we made it. The move was extremely long and hectic, but we’re here.

We picked up the moving truck on Wednesday (6/8) and got everything set up to start loading. We decided to go to the Sin City Road Runners group run as our last event – neither of us ran – and to say goodbye to many of the people there. We also sold and delivered a refrigerator on the way – and traffic was horrible! We went to the group, said our goodbyes and headed to the house to get work done. I dropped Hubs off and then ran out to CAL Ranch to pick up our kennel for the dogs. I raced across town and back and when I got back to the house, Hubs had a couple people to help him load the Penske (we didn’t think at 21 weeks pregnant it would be smart for me to be the only one helping). One of Hubs’ coworkers helped for a couple of hours and our good friend, Jameson, stayed out until 1am to help us. He’s seriously fantastic!

After Jameson left, we were mostly loaded, but there was also quite a bit we hadn’t packed yet as we were planning on me bringing the rest up when I made the final move. We slept for a few hours on the couch, woke around 7am, and loaded more before heading out. It took us until almost 1pm to finish loading and hit the road. Hubs in the Penske towing his car and me in my car, filled with our 4 dogs in back and an Igloo cooler with our fish. I debated re-homing the fish, but honestly ran out of time, plus I would have felt bad as I am incredibly attached to my Plecostomus, who I have had for 12 years now.

On the road, things were going well. We were cruising along, chatting here and there on our 2-way radio headsets. Right around Beaver, UT (around 6PMish) I noticed one of the trailer tires looked a little low so I radioed to Hubs and let him know. We pulled over and he called the rental company. We waited a good 2 hours for their guy who was “20 minutes out” and after a failed attempt at a nap on my part and a quick tire change later, we were on the road again. At about 1:30AM I couldn’t hold out any longer and I needed to take a nap. We found a place to pull over, but Hubs couldn’t find a good place to park. I couldn’t safely continue so the plan was for me to nap, Hubs to continue until he either found a place or until I woke up and let him know I was catching up.

I slept for about an hour and a half, tried calling hubs multiple times, and hit the road after getting some snacks for the dogs (realized we didn’t pack any food, whoops!). About 2 miles down the road, as I was trying Hubs again, I noticed a trucker pull out and saw the Penske there as well. I left a message that I would text where I would fill up. I let him know where the exit was, gassed up, peed(!) and let the dogs out to stretch and do their business. I had about a 25 minute wait before Hubs arrived and we were back in caravan. I ended up needing to pull over to rest 2 more times, only got to sleep one of those times though as the car was just getting too hot.

It took a while, but I caught up with Hubs a couple hours later, as we were about 45 minutes away from our destination – my sister’s house in Spokane Valley. We arrived around 9 or 10 AM, making it a nearly 24-hour trip. It should have taken us around 17 hours. We arrived, got the dogs out of the car and rested in the back yard while they ran around. We set the kennel up right away as part of the side fence had been broken over the previous winter and had not been fixed before our arrival. We watched over the dogs like hawks while we were outside, and tried to get a good routine going with them.

The following day, my sister and 5 of her friends helped us unload the truck into a storage unit. I was expecting it to take quite a bit of time – but we worked our butts off and were in and out of there in 2 hours. Pizza and beer were on us at the house after!

That night, around 12:30AM, I drove out to the airport to pick up my BFF, Jamie, who had flown in from New York to help me make the drive back to Vegas. We spent Sunday relaxing, exploring, showing Jamie some of Spokane. Monday morning, Hubs went to work and Jamie and I headed back to Vegas. It was a long drive, made much shorter with great company. We ended up talking about sex the entire way, and had a blast just connecting and goofing around. We made one extended pit stop at Sub Zero for some ice cream in Ogden, UT before we arrived in Vegas around 3am.

So glad to have that behind us!

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