Piggy, where are you?!

My bestie, Jamie, and I    left Spokane on Monday (6/13) driving through some summer showers. I didn’t think anything of it, though I should have!

Tuesday evening I got a call from Hubs. While he was at work all day, there had been a pretty sizeable storm. We had the dogs locked up in the outdoor kennel, but hadn’t gotten a tarp or a lock before I left for Vegas. BIG MISTAKE! When he returned home from work, he found the kennel open and the dogs loose in the yard – well, 75% of the dogs. Our younger female, Piggy, was nowhere to be found. Being in Vegas, there was nothing I could do. I felt so terribly helpless. I called my sister and my niece who lived there and explained the situation – they said they would help as much as they could and they got a hold of Hubs.

We went a week like this – calls after work to get updates with no word. My family helping Hubs as much as possible around their work schedules. I posted an ad on Facebook in a lost and found group and finally, that Friday, I got a message about a sighting. I got the person in touch with Hubs and he headed over right away. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find her and had to call it a night. He went back out the next morning and was told by multiple people they had seen her, but she was so scared she wouldn’t  let anyone near her.

I woke up Monday (6/20) to an early frantic call from Hubs who explained he got a call from someone about Piggy and went out to find/get her but she ran from him! From him! He was at his wits end. I told him I would load my car up, go to my dad’s doctor appointment with my parents, and then hit the road as soon as I could.

After the doctor appointment, I hit the road and just over halfway there, I got a text with a picture of Piggy! I kept going, arriving just before Hubs had to work the next morning. I rested, unloaded the car at the storage facility and then had a nice dinner with Hubs. I went back to Vegas the next morning. Ugh.


Although she was loose and on her own for a week, Piggy seemed to be just fine. She had a couple of ticks and was dirty, but still healthy. It does seem to have changed her personality a little, though, and now she is stuck to us like glue!

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